Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Ornaments

I'm happy to say that I finally got my act
 together and listed Christmas ornaments 
(for sale) in the shop this season!
YEAH... ME!!!

I have been meaning to do it for 4 years, 
but I just couldn't figure out how to do it while
doing shows.  It was hard to keep on top of inventory.

 in truth, they sold so fast I could hardly keep up.
 but now that i no longer am doing shows... 
 I was able to make it happen with the
help of my friend Gabe 
(thank all good things for Gabe)!

i was even able to make some one of a kind
ornaments this year (which I haven't been
able to do for forEVER!), and that was super
fun...  it felt like playing hooky from school.

did you play hooky?
i did... sorry mom.


*OH!  and Happy Holidays

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Me... making some art (a video!)

i have been asked to post in the past, a video 
of me making my art.  

so... i finally bought a thing to hold my phone
so i could take a time-lapse video and here
are the results. 


a bit blurry i think...  and i have NO idea
how to fix it, or make another one that
would be better.  SO, if you know something
(anything that could help)
please oh please tell me all about it!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Adventurers, PRE-ORDER now!

The Adventurers, my latest collection of fabric
with BLEND is ready for pre-order!!!  maybe you want to
whisper in the ear of your local fabric store?
(hint hint!)

When my little guy henry truly was a little guy,
he asked me one morning why i didn't draw little boys?
and i hadn't even realized i wasn't!  for shame for shame!!!

It took 5 years but i finally got it done (in honor the
little guy henry once was).  a curious little dude out in the 
world dressing up and adventuring through his days.

take a look... 

insect love?

water ripples?

good old seeds!

doodle box...

making waves (most little guys do!)


and of course BLEND has developed a lovely
quilt pattern to use.

here is what BLEND has to say about the collection...

Land, ho!  The Adventurers collection celebrates the 
explorer in all of us, whether you dream of the North Pole,
digging for pirate's treasure or playing with dinosaurs.  Ripple, wave,
crosshatch and seed patterns in a color palette
fit for a prince create perfect blenders for the artist's signature 
panel designs.

shipping August 2015!

couldn't have said it better myself.

to all the little adventurers in the world
this one is for you!!!

OOx, cori
(your friend)

Friday, June 26, 2015

JOY & WONDER is ready to ship


my latest collection of holiday fabric
is out and ready to hit the shelves.  

so deck the halls with Joy & Wonder, 
*at least that what it says over at BLEND fabrics,

this little collection is filled with hand painted illustrations
of mice, snowmen, penguins and reindeer to
help you bring the whimsical spirit of 
Christmas into your home.

how about some holly jolly... 

we brought back dot party in green,

and daydream made it back for this collection as well... 
(in red and green)

and finally a cute repeat called PREZZIES!

all these combine together to make this super
cute quilt call DECK THE HALLS
(free tutorial here)

if you like it... by all means go and tell your local
fabric store to give BLEND a call!  i
personally would really appreciate it!


*this collection can be found online as well
(check your favorite stores!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a free painting tutorial by diane culhane!

i was meandering around the internet
this morning and i stumbled upon a free painting
tutorial by the talented diane culhane,

it discusses the notion of positive and
negative space, which i like to think of as the
stuff that holds something in place.

diane is a master of this technique, so don't miss
this little gem.  it is such a cool way to think
about painting...and perhaps a new way 
to start thinking about the flat surface!

i found the tutorial compliments of 
if you haven't been there it is a BOON for 
the creative.  filled with classes and books, not 
to mention the free tutorial page.
who doesn't like fee?

check it out and tell me what you think...

happy making to you!

*i use this technique in my work...  her is an example

i have always done this... held things in place
with a shape. isn't it cool to see how two people
can use it so differently?

Friday, May 1, 2015


did you know that you can get free 
quilt patterns over at BLEND Fabrics
(because i didn't)!

i don't know what my problem is,
but i am starting to think that i have
my head in the sand 99% of the time!

i miss everything... even stuff that
is about me!  and today while scrolling
around looking for things to put into the
newsletter i am trying to get off the ground,
 i found the patterns...

i need to apologize because not only
do i not notice stuff, i also forget to share
things that are happening.  this is because my nose
is always "to the grindstone", and all i 
tend to think about is how i can dash away
and go to the thrift store (in search of what?
i have no idea)!

speaking of not telling you things...
did you even know i have been trying my hand at
designing fabric?  i think i may have mentioned
it YEARS ago...  but then, well- i got busy
doing it, and forgot to talk about it!

it has been a really fun thing for me to learn, 
it speaks to my organizational side, BIG TIME!  
and the cool thing is that i feel like i just keep 
getting better and better at designing 
the repeats, which is really satisfying!

these above images are all from my collection 
called "the makers" .

okay... that's it for me today!


*prints from the collection are in the shop!
use code themakers for 20% off your order.
(good through the end of may 2015)

Monday, April 27, 2015

What i should be doing vs. What I did...

I am suppose to be designing my banner for
Surtex right now... but instead I just listed
this original painting!   As you can see I am feeling
uninspired, and am trying to find anything
and everything else to do.

so i finally got this into the shop!
(all it took was almost a year, and
a real desire to not do what i am suppose
to be doing).

very truly yours...
the procrastinator!